Female fans and the Premier League

Female fans and the Premier League

Welcome to the blog at Ladiesfootballkit.co.uk. We are here to provide you with the latest ladies replica shirts and a range of playing equipment to help you show your support for your team and improve your game. Here on the blog we are going to feature articles on a range of subjects, so where better to start than looking at the role of females in Premier League crowds.

The Premier League these days is a huge business, and an increasing number of supporters are women – both at the ground and at home. All seater stadiums and a family friendly atmosphere mean that you are almost as likely to see a family at a day out at a match as a group of lads. A host of recent surveys have shown that around 20% of supporters at Premier League games are female – and more significantly another survey found that around 33% of new supporters are female, suggesting that a whole new spectrum of society is being attracted to football. It also shows there is a huge market for ladies replica shirts!

These figures are a world away from the dark days of the 1980’s when hooliganism was rife and football grounds were not somewhere to take your family or your girlfriend – it is thought that fewer than 10% of supporters were female 25 years ago. The Premier League should be congratulated for all the work they have done in the last 20 years – so although some older fans may yearn for the return of the terraces and complain about a lack of atmosphere, there is no doubt that modern stadia make today’s game a more attractive proposition for all.

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