Finding the right sport for you

Finding the Right Sport For You

Taking up a sport is a great way to keep fit as well as to socialise with others. Going to the gym can be quite a solitary experience, which can be useful if you want to get your head down and work off some calories but there is so much to be said for taking up a team sport.

Wherever you live there is bound to be some sort of organised team sport going on. Whether that be rugby, cricket or football and many of these sports clubs or teams will have a women`s side too.

Women`s football in particular is becoming more and more popular and is considered by many to be the fastest growing sport out there at the moment. No longer the sole domain of men, what women may lack in physical strength, they more than make up for with their intelligent play and ball skills.

Many schools are now teaching girl`s football as part of their PE lessons or even offering it as an extracurricular activity and girls are taking it up in their droves. Women`s football even became a recognised Olympic Sport in 1996. Obviously, you don`t need to be Olympic standard to join in with your local club, it is likely they will be delighted to see you whatever your current level. The team coach will be able to assess your level and help you develop your skills and fitness.

Taking part in a team sport is great for fitness, yes, it will be fun, but if you join a team that likes to compete, you are likely to be asked to train hard. Not only will this build you fitness level, which is great in itself, but there are also other skills coming in to play here. Playing a sport as part of a team can help build confidence and self esteem as well as calling upon and developing cooperation skills. Team sports are particularly great for youngsters as they can teach them the importance of cooperating with others, the benefits of respecting others skills, abilities and achievements and even delegation skills. All these skills are useful in the classroom as well as the workplace.

If you want to take up a team sport but want to brush up on your skills first then you might want to take a look at the SportsBallShop where you will find a selection of different sports balls as well as other equipment to get you on your way.

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