Womens artificial turf football boots

Womens artificial turf football boots

As the summer has finally arrived, the football season seems a long way off and most of the summer action takes place on the five a side pitch. There are now several five a side leagues dedicated specifically for women, and these take place around the country on a weekly basis.

You will need a good pair of artificial turf boots to make an impact on the five a side pitch, and specifications vary dramatically from playing on grass. Astro turf tends to be quite hard, so boots will need to be durable and they will usually feature a series of smaller studs on the sole of the boot to provide traction and to avoid damaging the artificial surface.

The ball will also tend to travel faster and further on artificial turf, so it is important to have boots that offer a good touch for control – otherwise you will find the ball bouncing way off your boot. Good control is vital in smaller sided games as there tends to be less space with very little time on the ball.

Nike offer a quality pair of boots in the form of the Nike Tiempo Legend, which are specifically designed for women. They feature a soft kangaroo leather upper for excellent control, as well as Nike ID personalisation options. We have got the full details in our womens football boots section, as well as a range of boots for all other budgets and pitch surfaces.

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